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When and where will the Groups Happen?

The group will occur at our centre, Blackbird Academy (1713 - G Bowen Rd, Nanaimo).

August 19-23rd from 9:00am-12:00pm

Who can participate?

This group is intended for children with ASD aged 5-12 years old.

Are there any prerequisite skills for attending?

We ask that attending children are able to communicate verbally in simple sentences and demonstrate very good receptive language skills. Children should also be able to participate in a small group program without challenging behaviour that would require individual adult support.

Is there a Curriculum for the Social Group?

As with all Blackbird Special Education's services, we plan to individualize the content and delivery of the Social Group curriculum as much as possible. At the first session, we will assess the attending children (and collect information from parents) in order to hone in on shared areas of interest and need in order to provide a program that is engaging and enriching for all.

Potential topics include being a good friend, following a group plan, recognizing body language, initiating conversation, being a good sport, problem solving in social situations, and more!

What Will Happen on an average session at the Group?

Each day, a different topic will be introduced, then worked on in the context of a group project that is fun and interesting to the group. An example session might look like this:

  • Facilitator introduces the week's topic: Following a Group Plan

  • Group decides on some fair rules for following a Group Plan, with help from Facilitator

  • Group acts out a few examples and non-examples of their rules for Following a Group Plan

  • Using their rules, group makes a plan to complete a cool project together -- e.g., building a giant Minecraft guy out of cardboard

  • Group works on their Minecraft cardboard guy together, ensuring they follow their plan and the rules they've created

Do parents need to stay on site?

No, parents needn't stay! We will obtain emergency consent forms and information on who is authorized to pick up your child, but you don't need to stay on site. Please send your child with a snack and water bottle.

Who is the Group Facilitator?

The main facilitator is Paige Nadeau, a qualified behaviour consultant and graduate student in behaviour analysis. The program is designed and overseen by Katie Rinald, a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and PhD candidate in Inclusive Education. You can read more about Katie, Paige and their experience on our website

What are the Fees? Can we use Autism Funding to pay?

The group is 5 days, 3 hours per day, and costs $750. Yes, you may use B.C. Autism Funding to cover the costs (We'll have you fill out a Request to Pay form, then we will directly invoice the Autism Funding Unit for payment).

I have some more questions! WHo Can I contact?

No problem! Write to us at and we can answer your questions via email or set up a time for a phone call!