Toilet Training SErvices

Have you struggled to toilet train your child?

Not sure where to start in toilet training your child with special needs?

Do you feel ‘typical’ approaches to toilet training just won’t work with your child?

We can help!

Katie Rinald, BCBA, is an experienced toilet training researcher and practitioner.  With clients, Katie implements versions of Rapid Toilet Training, a behaviour analytic toilet training method that has proven successful time and time again with individuals with a wide range of special needs as well as typically-developing children.  Katie’s research on supporting parents to implement toilet training interventions was published in the academic journal Research in Developmental Disabilities in 2012.  Currently, Katie is completing a doctoral degree with her dissertation focused on treatment of bedwetting in children with developmental disabilities.

Learn More!

Click on the image to watch a video series on Autism Community Training’s website in which Katie Rinald, BCBA, discusses Rapid Toilet Training.

What Parents Are Saying


My son has autism and is nonverbal and has some sensory challenges with toilet training. He was just not interested in using the toilet. Katie and her team worked with him in our home for 5 days and I can’t believe how quickly he caught on. By the end of the week, he really was toilet trained and has had no accidents for months! I have told everybody about Blackbird’s toileting help.


Our pediatrician suggested we contact Katie because our daughter had a lot of anxiety around pooping and we were worried she was developing encopresis.  Katie was so good with our daughter!  She really "gets" kids and was so encouraging, positive, and fun.  She worked out a plan that we all felt really comfortable with and was able to help us with as much support as we needed.  Our daughter has made tons of improvements with her pooping issues.


My son has some special needs that stem from medical trauma at birth and I was told a few times throughout his life he would always be in diapers.  Katie was able to put together a plan that really worked for the way he learns.  It was an intense week, but he got it!  He has been diaper-free for 6 months now and it has made a huge difference for him socially and with his confidence.