*Blackbird is currently accepting new Early Intervention clients on a waitlist. Contact us to hear more about this.

Early Treatment


Blackbird’s Treatment programs are tailored to the child’s specific learning needs and challenges. Children only acquire the skills that they need, and we follow the Verbal Behaviour Milestones and Program Placement guide (VB-MAPP) to identify developmentally appropriate learning goals. We use time-honoured motivation and reinforcement procedures to ensure children have fun and experience high levels of success in everything they do.  Many children receive some of their weekly Treatment hours in our centre on Bowen Road, but in general, a home-based component is important to ensure generalization.

For some more information about our services, including information on our team of skilled interventionists, please see our FAQ and contact us to set up a meeting.

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For Kids Under 6

We believe treatment should be fun and engaging for children with ASD.

Treatment should also be effective. With individualized, keenly assessed treatment, the sky is the limit for your child!

You may have heard that the earlier your child receives treatment, the better. This is certainly true! The research on ABA treatment for children under 6 is clear: the earlier and more intensive the treatment is, the better the results for most children.

Blackbird’s service begins by developing an Individualized Treatment Plan for your child. This Plan describes WHAT the child’s ABA Treatment will address – i.e., the child’s unique learning goals/curriculum – and HOW that learning will be put in practice – i.e., the specific behaviour-change tactics that will be used, the needed weekly intervention schedule, and the people who will develop, supervise, and implement the plan, etc.