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Home-school Programming

Many children with ASD face challenges in mainstream schooling. Accordingly, much of the work we do with school-aged children is in home-school programs, typically supervised and funded by Distributed Learning schools.

Often, this ‘home-school’ also involves attending our centre so some group learning can occur, and the child can experience a school-like environment. In general, we help families to focus on academic goals within core subjects like reading, writing, and math.

Our individualized program are rooted in Direct Instruction (DI), a scientifically-proven approach to teaching core academic subjects.

DI programs integrate carefully designed curriculum (what to teach) with effective instructional methods (how to teach) and are ideal for students with special needs in numerous ways….

For instance, DI programs break complex concepts and skills into explicit, manageable units of instruction – students are never overwhelmed with too much content and are never expected to learn a new skill without first fluently learning all necessary prerequisite skills.

DI Programs have been developed to teach all core academic subjects – we focus on subjects for the elementary grades and commonly implement program such as:

  • Reading Mastery (Grades K through 6)

  • Connecting Math Concepts (K through 6)

  • Language for Learning/Thinking/Writing (Preschool through elementary grades)

  • Reasoning & Writing (Grades K through 6)

Behaviour Consultation

We are also able to provide individualized programming for children with ASD who need help with some specific areas of challenge. With assessments and treatment programed designed specifically for your child’s individual needs, we implement a vast array of programs.

These can include:

  • Assessing and reducing problem behaviour

  • Increasing functional communication

  • Toilet training

  • Social skill building

  • Increasing homework completion

As each child is unique, behaviour consultation services will directly depend upon the child. Since needs for this age group tend to vary broadly, please contact us to set up a meeting to discuss the individual areas of need for your child.

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